Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Week 20 - Keeping up with SAL parts

This post is late for 2 reasons... one being Monday was a holiday in Canada, and two, I didn't get an update pic.

No Ink Circles Monday this week.

On Tuesday I did manage to pull Sneek out.  I managed to get part 3 done on Saturday

Sneek - Long Dog Samplers
Part 3
Sneek - Long Dog Samplers
Parts 1-3
Before Sneek was done on Saturday, Friday the next part in the Tangram came out.  I jumped on this and got it done on Saturday

Peppermint Purple
Tangram SAL Parts 1-4
Sunday I pulled Tapestry out as I would really like to see a finish on that.  I have a LONG way to go, but progress is progress.
No update pic this week... but there will hopefully be good progress this week.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

TUSAL 2018 - MAY

The 15th is another new moon, which means it's TUSAL time!
Did you know there was a facebook group now?  Great for reminders!
Need help on what the heck TUSAL is?  Follow the link to Daffycat's Blog

Here are my orts for this month, and year to date

The next TUSAL date is June 13th

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Week 19 - Stitching and Margaritas

A day last this time... what can I say.. Adulting is hard

Here is a re-cap of my week

On Monday, I worked on Dragons for Ink Circles Monday.  Only a tiny bit of border got done

Tuesday I worked on my Lizzie Kate ornament, and finished it on Wednesday
Snowy House - Lizzie Kate Tiny Tidings XXII
WDW and 32ct mushroom
Saturday, I finished Merry Christmas V2.0.  Looks so much better on Mushroom!
Merry Christmas - Lizzie Kate Tiny Tidings XXII
WDW, DMC, 32ct Mushroom
Saturday I also pulled out and finished week 3 on the Blackwork Tangram SAL from Lakeside Needlecraft and Peppermint Purple
Blackwork Tangram SAL - Weeks 1-3
As you can see, no stitching on Thursday or Friday.  I can't remember what happened on Thursday, but Friday I met up with some ladies and attended the Girls Night out in Cobourg.
It was a fun night!

On our way to a pottery class, post 1 martini :)

El Camino in Cobourg makes amazing Margaritas! 
My favourite is the Black Margarita

Monday, May 7, 2018

Week 18 - waves and a debut

Hope everyone had a great week.  This is what I was up to

Monday I did work on an Ink Circles for Ink Circles Monday
Ink Circles - Oscar's Corsage
Solo fabric from Fabric by Rolanda

Next up, I pulled out Year in Chalk for June
I got this one finished on Friday night
Year in Chalk - May
Hands on Design
GAST Chalk, Weeks Cognac, Steph's 32ct linen in Slate
After I finished up the YIC, I pulled out my blackwork SAL, since I was getting late.
I was actually able to make some good progress and got it done on Saturday morning.
Peppermint Purple - Blackwork Tangram
Weeks 1and 2
DMC, 32ct white lugana
Speaking of Saturday, I attended the Knowledge and Needles Nashville open house.  This was extra special as my friend Lianne launched her new design company - 1897 Schoolhouse Samplers.  Please check her out on Instagram and Facebook.  Here are some pics from the day.

The booklet is really great quality

The model stitch of "Above the Sky Mary Ann Raywood 1818"

Lianne had a great little table set up for her sampler.

I also got a belated birthday card and GC from my friend Dani, and also a birthday card from my friend Christin.  Christin had already gifted me with my fabric I used for the Long Dog Mystery.  Thanks again ladies! 

On Saturday, as well with some other haul, I was able to grab a skein of thread to finish up valentina.  I was happy to put the final stitch in Saturday night!

Ink Circles - Valentiana
32ct white lugana, weeks Islamorada

So all in all a VERY productive week!
Lets hope this week is even half so :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May 2018 Plans

  • Its time for the last ornament from Tiny Tidings XXII. 
  • I am thinking about re-doing the first one to have the fabric match... will see how the month goes.
  • June is kitted and ready to go
3) SAL - Long Dog Samplers Mystery - Sneek
  • Start and finish Part 3
4) NEW SAL - Lakeside Needlecraft Blackwork Tangram
  • There is a new blackwork SAL from Lakeside Needlecraft and Peppermint purple on Facebook.  I did part 1 in a few hours so keeping up with this one shouldn't be hard
  • I am having a hard time deciding what project to make a focus this month... so I might just work on the monthly stuff first and then go from there.
  • Every Monday give an ink circles pattern at least a little love.
  • Use the hashtags #InkCirclesMonday and #ICM on social media
  • For more information, see April 2018 plans post
  • After looking over my WIP list, I realized I haven't given my full coverage project (Buen Appetito from Charting Creations) any love in a REALLY long time.  Not sure how I will work this in to the plan, but I need to start putting a bit of stitches in this! 
  • Does anyone else have a day set aside for full coverage?

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

April 2018 Plans Update

Lets see how I made out for April... historically my busiest month at work

1) ORNAMENT A MONTH - YES and done
  • I continued with the Tiny Tidings series
Two Houses - Tiny TidingsXXII from Lizzie Kate
Called for weeks, 32ct mushroom lugana
2) YEAR IN CHALK - YES and done
  • I started Mays YIC on April 1st and finished April 4
Year in Chalk (May) from Hands On Design
32ct Linen in Slate from Fabrics by Stephanie
GAST chalk and mistletoe

3) SAL - Long Dog Samplers Mystery - Sneek - YES and done
  • Pulled out part 2 after finishing YIC, and finished on the 15th

  • After looking over my WIPS, I decided to pull out Tapestry from Ink Circles
    This is where it was when I started
  • and this is where I was as of Saturday when It went in the WIP pile once again

5) INK CIRCLES MONDAY (#ICM) - participated in 4/5 Mondays
  • April 2nd - Worked on Valentina

  • April 9th - NOPE.  Work kicked my ass and went to bed early without stitching AT ALL
  • April 16th - Started Oscar's Corsage.  This will be my new travel project/ICM project until I can get some more thread for Valentina, and then again after Valentina is finished.

  • April 23rd - Kept going with Tapestry, since it was out from the weekend

  • April 30th - got home at a decent time and pulled Oscar's Corsage back out
How did you do in April?  Accomplish your goals?

Monday, April 30, 2018

Week 17 - Death and taxes

Can you hear me excited that April 30th is here!
For those not in Canada, today is tax deadline day.  For someone who works in an accounting firm, this has been much of my life for almost 2 months (in one form or another)

As you can suspect, not much stitching happened this past week, but I did manage a bit

I pulled out tapestry, as I wanted it to be the focus this month. Some progress is better than none

I will share a full pic of where I am in Tapestry when my monthly review gets posted in a couple of days.

This week was also my 40th birthday!
Nothing big, but did enjoy some cupcakes from my co-worker (from Sugar Dust Bakery in Port Hope), flowers from the hubby, and a nice dinner out with my hubby.